UFC Predictions

The latest picks and predictions for upcoming UFC fights.

UFC Predictions

UFC Predictions

A UFC fight is held approximately every month with up to a dozen fights or more. Every fight gives bettors the opportunities to earn a return on their money if they play their cards right. With the right intel, you could very well be one of those bettors consistently posting positive ROIs month after month.

While we are mostly known for our very effective ufc picks, we also write about all upcoming UFC events on our blog. In these blog posts we share our UFC predictions, what we expect to see in an event, recent news you might have missed and more. All in all we strive to offer new information that could help you gain an edge over the bookmakers.

In these posts we won’t share detailed picks like choosing a winner for every fight, but we will discuss events more broadly and maybe disclose a few picks here and there. However, these posts are mostly meant to provide you with a more detailed view of events and are not to be used as strict betting advice. For specific picks we would recommend to either consult our free picks which are shared in our free discord server, or subscribe to our premium plan and gain access to our paid discord server where we share even more picks along with confidence scores.

ufc predictions

When are our UFC Predictions released?

We don’t adhere to a strict schedule for these posts. We tend to follow the news regarding a certain event closely and when we think enough can be said about an event, we release our UFC predictions on this page.

Things like information on the fitness level of fighters, professional bettor activity and other impacting events are factors we analyse leading up to events. When we think we can paint a clear enough picture to make some sort of prediction for the outcome of an event, we release our thoughts here.

The timing of these posts can vary. However, we aim to release them as early ahead of an event as possible. Do keep in mind that we focus less on these posts than we do on premium picks for paid subscribers. They are our priority and will always be given their picks at the right time.

FightROI Discord Server

If you are looking for more UFC betting tips, we invite you to join the FightROI discord server. In this server we share both free and paid picks for you to use in your mma betting.

We generate our picks with algorithms that look for clues in large datasets regarding the upcoming UFC events. We keep the exact details of our algorithms and the data we use strictly secret. It is what differentiates us from the competition and allows us to generate profitable UFC predictions.

To prove our system works we share a limited amount of free picks in our discord channel. For this we have created a free channel that anyone can join and view the contents of. The picks in this channel are sent closer to events and are of limited quantity. However, the quality of the picks is still sublime.

Our discord server also features a premium channel. This channel gives you earlier access to picks than the free channel does. We also share more picks here and provide bankroll management advise and confidence scores for each pick. Given the quality and profitability of these picks you need a premium plan in order to access these picks.